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Recycling Club:  
The Swampscott Middle School Recycling Club meets Wednesday afternoon, right after school in room 234. Both students and teachers (Karen Rebach, Bill Andrake, and Margarett Ardman) volunteer their time to try to decrease the school’s carbon footprint by recycling plastics, glass, cardboard and of course paper. Students collect all recyclables in bins and dump them into the school’s trash receptacle. Many of the participants have been with the club several years, and have a strong desire to make a difference for the school and community.
Math Club: 

Welcome to the Math Team 2017 – 2018

The Math Team represents SMS at math competitions with five other relatively local schools: Marblehead and in Lynn Breed, Marshall and Pickering.  There are over 70 teams statewide that participate in the IMLEM Math League.  Though we compete with local teams SMS is ranked in a division with similar performing schools.  We will host one competition and travel to the other four, usually returning around 5:30 pm.

The dates of the competitions are:

10/19 hosted by Marblehead Veterans Middle School

11/30 host to be determined (Probably Collins Middle School in Salem)

1/11 hosted by Swampscott Middle School

3/1 host to be determined (Probably Marshall Middle School in Lynn)

4/5 hosted by Breed Middle School in Lynn

All of the competition dates are Thursdays, but because of an SPS Calendar change, all of the practices will be on Wednesdays between competitions from the end of school until 3:30.  However, I stay until 4:00 and students are welcome to stay until then.  If students are required to leave early because of the late bus, they are welcome to stay until the bus comes.

The competitions consist of five individual categories and a team event.  The topic for the team questions varies each meet. The five individual categories are:

Mystery,  Geometry,  Arithmetic,  Number Theory &  Algebra

The meets require participants to compete in three of five categories and then as a team.  The individual categories give the students 10 minutes to answer three questions on predetermined topics in the specific categories.  I am allowed to field two groups of ten: Regulars and Alternates.  The fifth graders would always be alternates.  In the team competition, each group of ten tries to answer six questions in 20 minutes, working together.  There are prizes for the highest scoring participants in each grade and division winners for the particular meet.

The practices will begin with instruction on the specific topics that will be part of the next meet.  Then I will have some old test questions for the kids to work through.  I go around and try to help the kids that are having trouble.  Usually, the kids help each other if they get stuck.  We also always have some kind of snack (not necessarily healthy).

You can learn more about the competition at  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  You can reach me through my email or leave a message with the SMS office.  Please include your contact information with Permission Slip


Mr. Sweeney