School Psychologist Office

Cynthia Ferreira

Carolyn Burzynski

Guidance  Office:

Erin Curtin

Guidance Counselor x6243 (Students with last names A-F)

Dylan Randall

Guidance Counselor x6318 (Students with last names G-N)

Erin Waffle

Guidance Counselor x6308 (Students with last names O-Z)

207 Forest Avenue
Swampscott, MA 01907

Welcome to the Swampscott Middle School Guidance Department!

As guidance counselors at SMS, we are here to provide counseling services to ALL students, both individually and in groups. The middle school years are filled with opportunities for tremendous growth academically, socially, and personally. We are committed to working with students, parents, and school staff in order to foster that growth on behalf of each and every student at SMS.

SMS Guidance Department FAQ’s

How do students go about making an appointment with one of the guidance counselors? There are multiple ways that students can make arrangements to meet with a guidance counselor. Students may let a teacher know that he/she would like to go down to the Guidance Office; students may stop by the Guidance Office before or after school to set up an appointment; parents may call us on behalf of their children in order to set up an appointment; students may also let their teachers know that they would like to see a guidance counselor and their teachers will pass that information along to us.

How do students know if they should meet with their guidance counselor? Excellent question! When in doubt, seek us out! If a student or parent is unsure, please do not hesitate to check in with us and together we can determine the best way to proceed. Examples of student concerns may include a problem with grades, friends, or a difficult situation at home. No issue or concern is too big or too small to bring to the Guidance Office.