Policies and Procedures

School Hours
Hours are from 8:00 – 2:20, the earliest you can drop off your child is 7:30am. If your child arrives between 7:30 and 7:50, he/she will be going to either the cafeteria (7th and 8th graders) or the library (5th and 6th graders). 7th and 8th graders should enter the building through the back parking lot entrance closest to the cafeteria. 5th and 6th grade students should enter the school at the main front entrance. Parent vehicles are not allowed in the back parking lot for the safety of the children entering the building.

Tardy Policy
Students are expected to be in their seats in homeroom at 8:00 for attendance. Please make sure your child is on time. We allow 5 tardies per marking period. Once your child’s 6th tardy in a given marking period, he/she will receive a detention. The good news is that we start fresh every marking period! Detention runs from 2:25 to 2:55.

Sick Policy
If your child will be out sick, please call the sick line at 781-596-8820.  Follow the prompts for the sick line and leave a clear message with your child’s name.  In order for your child to receive work, he/she must be absent for 3 consecutive school days.  Please call the office by 8:30am on the third consecutive day for work to be available after dismissal.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures
There is a rolling drop off at the front entrance of the school at the beginning of each day.  Parents may not park or get out of their cars in this lane. Parents should drive all the way up in the circle area in order to accommodate all the drop offs. Students can be picked up in the lower lot beside the tennis courts.  Parents are not allowed to drive or park in the back lot by the cafeteria.

Early Dismissals and Late Arrivals
If a student is going to be dismissed early or arriving late, a written note to the main office is required.

Security Desk
All visitors must check in at the security desk and will be asked to wear a Visitor badge while in the building.  If you are picking up students early, meeting with a teacher, or dropping something off to your child, you must check in at the security desk.

Student Messages
When a student has forgotten something at home and a parent drops it off at the school (at the desk in the front lobby), we will get it to them as soon as possible.   We encourage students to stop by and check the desk at the front lobby if they are expecting something to be dropped off or realize they have forgotten their lunch.   Please note:  We will not interrupt classes for student messages or forgotten items.

Every student will be assigned to a locker.  Students may store coats, backpacks, lunches and books in lockers.  Lockers for grades 7 & 8 have locks, but sometimes these locks can break in which case we will fix or give your child another locker. Lockers for grades 5 & 6 do not have locks. Please do not keep valuables in lockers as we are not responsible for any missing item in a locker. If your child’s locker is not working, please have them report it to their homeroom teacher as soon as possible.

Cell Phones
Cell phones may not be used and should be shut off during the school day.

Extra Curricular Activities
There are many programs (choral, plays, math team, athletics, clubs) offered and will be communicated as they become available throughout the year.

Assignment grades and report cards are posted online to Swampscott’s Student Information System – Aspen – throughout the year. Each family will receive an account to access their student’s grades throughout the year. Students in grades 7 and 8 also receive their own personal accounts to view the same information.

Log in here: Aspen Login

Here is also a helpful refresher link for viewing progress reports and report cards: Aspen Reports

Google Drive
Students in all 4 grades are assigned a Google Drive account and will continue to have access once their Technology Acceptable Use Form is passed in. Students will be able to access their accounts in school and at home. If a student has an account from elementary school, the account moves up to SMS with the student.

Program Of Studies
The Program of Studies is on the Middle School website and details the courses and class requirements (if applicable): Program of Studies

Teacher Websites
Access to teacher and team websites is on the main middle school page: Team Websites

Daily Routines

Each day begins with homeroom where attendance is taken and any announcements are made.


  • Each student is assigned to a team.
  • There are two 5th grade teams. Students will move through classes in their homeroom groups.  Both teams merge together for specials.
  • Teams in grades 6, 7, and 8 have 4 to 5 teachers on a team. A student’s homeroom teacher in these grades is also a teacher they will have for a class during the day.

Each day starts with Advisory.  This takes place in the student’s homeroom and provides students with an opportunity to seek extra help, go to the library, catch up on work, read quietly or begin homework. Chorus and Band also take place during Advisory and are open to all students.

Specials are scheduled on a rotating basis.  Students will have each special for 21 days at a time.  They will have gym for 2 sessions.  The other specials offered are Art, Tech Education, Music, Robotics, Health and Computers.

Snack and Lunch
Lunch is 25 minutes.  Students can purchase lunch or bring from home. Peanut butter is allowed in the cafeteria but NEVER in the classrooms.  We do have peanut free tables in the cafeteria.

Lunch $2.65
Milk $.50

Students will have recess in 5th grade only.


Principal:  Jason Calichman

Assistant Principal:  Lori Sanborn
Phone:  781-596-8800 Option 4

Guidance Counselor:  Erin Waffle
Phone:  781-596-8800 x308

Guidance Counselor:  Dylan Randall
Phone:  781-596-8800 x318

Nurse:  Marianne Hartmann
Phone:  781-596-8800 x316

School Psychologist:  Cynthia Ferreira
Phone: 781-596-8800 x305

School Psychologist:   Kaitlin Kohberger
Phone: 781-596-8800